Who needs Jungian Music Coaching?

Working musicians who want to use their talents in a more creative and fulfilling way.


I specialize in working with the following:


  • Musicians who need help managing anxiety, especially if it affects your performance. 

  • Conductors who want to use their rehearsal time more effectively and efficiently.

  • Music teachers who feel isolated and need support.  (Especially band  and other large ensemble directors.)  

However, my coaching can also help you if you are:

  • a musician who wants to make more money.

  • an orchestral musician who wants to start a solo career.

  • a musician who needs help with work/life balance.  (Staying grounded.) 

  • needing help dealing with difficult people in the music world.

  • needing help overcoming issues caused by a mean music teacher.  (As in the movie "Whiplash".)

  •  in another profession and want to sing (in a choir, open mic night, karaoke, etc.) but are afraid to get started.  Maybe you were told you are "tone deaf".

  • in another profession and want to incorporate music into your life and you don't know how.  (ex: frustrated musician, you played an instrument in school, you may even have an instrument collecting dust in your closet.)

  • a songwriter and/or composer who wants to access your creative potential.

  • an injured musician who needs emotional support while you recover.  (tendontitis, trigger finger, carpal tunnel, etc.) 

  • someone with many talents who needs help figuring out your life purpose.

  • someone who has trouble with relationships in their musical career.  (relationships with colleagues and even personal relationships if they affect your work; what to do if you have to play a gig with your ex, etc.)

  • someone who wants a music career, but are held back because you feel you are not good enough.

  • a musician who needs help with the audition process.  (Get the gig!)

  • a musician who got the gig, but are now fearful that you will lose it.  (Keep the gig!)

  • an actor or model who is portraying a musician on stage or screen.  How to move like a musician; how to hold the instrument; how to conduct, etc.  Look believable! 

  • a band and/or orchestra director and you want to be more effective in your leadership.  (effective rehearsal techniques; raising the performance level of the group; winning more competitions; raising more money, etc.)

  • a women director who needs support navigating in a male-dominated field.

  • in need of help improving your memory of pieces.  (Avoiding/recovering from memory slips, etc.) 

  • a musician on tour:  help with physical issues like losing your voice and staying healthy on the road; emotional support, missing family, maintaining healthy relationships while on tour; energy support, keeping your energy up in a sustainable way; dealing with travel issues like delays, cancellations, etc.

  • a musician who has "imposter syndrome".  (How to deal with being star-struck by colleagues.)

  • in a competitive couple: you are both musicians.  How to thrive without jealousy or being held back by guilt of the other person's jealousy.  

  • a musician who chokes under pressure.

  • an oboist who doesn't want to stress about reeds any more. Better and more consistent reeds!  

  • a women musician who feels like you are not being treated equally.

  • a music entrepreneur who needs support to start and/or grow your business.

  • in need of help accessing your creativity for improvisation and/or composition.  (The mind-set part.)

  • an assistant conductor who wants to go to the next level but you're stuck.

  • a musicians who wants to increase your audience.

  • in orchestra management and you want to increase the communication between the board, management, and the musicians.

  • a musicians who wants financial freedom.

  • a freelance musician.  Dealing with "you'll never work in this town again!" syndrome.